AVG America Investments

The AVG Financial Services Group is a provider of diverse financial services to high net-worth investors, family offices and unlisted corporates across the USA, Europe and Asia. We specialise in structuring esoteric investments to suit the needs of our investors and actively manage the investments over its life cycle. We also advise on equity and fundraising mandates, predominantly to real estate developers and independent power producers. Our Private Equity practice is a pool of family office capital that invests mostly in commercial real estate in the USA. We are now actively pursuing investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Financial Services

Our niche financial services practice caters to high net-worth investors and family offices. We specialise in structuring equity, debt and mezzanine investments in a variety of industries, primarily commercial real estate. We help overseas investors diversify their portfolios and hedge against their local currency by providing access to high quality, USD and EURO denominated investment vehicles.


Our investment management expertise is the core backbone of our EB-5 practice. We study more than 100 of opportunities each year before narrowing down to one or two that we eventually sponsor. Our offerings are based on our two guiding principles which directly relate to our investors core objectives: (1) Immigration Assurance – our investors must get their US residency via our investments and (2) Safety of Capital – we offer projects which have several layers of financial safety to assure that our investors are paid back in full after the investment lifecycle.

Investment Management

AVG's investment management team with its boutique hedge fund is a private capital management group mandated to generate profits with purpose. We recognize that capital rightly deployed will naturally reward stakeholders, enhance life and elevate humanity. A synthesis of agile innovation and dynamic global perspective, the investment management arm of AVG's proprietary capitalization and trading strategies realize an alchemy of unparalleled alpha returns while furthering global good.

Relocation Services

Our newest business was born out of the need of our EB-5 investors. A new immigrant in the USA needs all the help he can get. Our white-glove desk provides bespoke solutions to our clients ranging from helping with selecting a place to stay all the way upto preparing for college admissions. Some of these services are delivered by partner firms whereas the others are dealt with in-house.


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